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Cuba Heritage Collection

Cubita Linda… our island, our history. A home whose riches flow in our veins so close to the heart yet remains painfully distant. Rich in our heritage, a place our family had to flee from in order to find freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We remain grateful for the opportunities the United States of America has given us, leading to children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren to keep the love and flame alive of our past. We will never forget what was lost but we still have love in our heart for our island country and for the traditions of the past. Friends we lost and friends we mourn together with rekindling stories and memories from the past. With Jose Porcell Sr. starting Orogem in 1980, his very first rubber mold for the company was Mold Number One…. La Cubita.The first Cuba Island to be made in gold jewelry design in Los Angeles only to be emulated by the 1000s. Where our originality starts from… the seeds of an island that a revolutionary dictator took for his own… yet we persevered and now can tell the story. As Jose Marti wrote, “De Donde Crece La Palma, y antes de morir, yo quiero echar mis versos del alma… “ and as honor to the USA… “From The Land Of The Palm, before dying, I want to share these poems of my soul…” Viva Cuba!

Also incorporated in Cuban Heritage Jewelry are azabache jewelry items which ward of the evil eye. Among your choice of Cuba island pendants, you will also find azabache pendants along with azabache earrings keeping the traditions from our grandparents alive and well. Not only do you have the classic cuba charm, you will find Cuba jewelry includes gold azabache jewelry as well.