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The Wrap

In the spirit of earcuff earrings, the Wrap™ Earring takes it one step further by comfortably resting on the ear and gently whispering on to the earlobe with a spray of gemstones, pearls, or creative motifs. Easily adjustable, the Wrap™ Earring provides a great alternative in ear wear and gently "cuffs" on to the ear and is fully adjustable allowing you to find that perfect comfort fit. Available in gold as well as sterling silver, The Wrap™ earring was designed and created by Mark Ehrmann in Sebastapol, California, and working with Jose Jay® at Orogem®, numerous other designs and creative themes have inspired the appeal of this innovative design.

Whether you have a pierced ear or not, you can wear the Wrap™ Earring. In fact, maybe you have a pierced ear and want to wear your hoop or diamond stud in your pierced hole; with the Wrap™ Earring, you can do that. Or... maybe you don't have pierced ears and want to avoid those heavy weight uncomfortable clip-on earrings. With the Wrap™ Earring, you have those options in wearing and many more based on your needs and creativity.