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How do Ear Pin earrings work?
Orignally created back in 1986 by JJ Porcell, Ear Pin earrings have a great history of wearability by hundreds of thousands of women in the US as well as internationally.
To see how Orogem Ear Pin earrings work, click here for Orogem's exclusive video presentation.©2014 All Rights Reserved.

How do Earspirals earrings work
Originally designed by Harry Mason in San Francisco, Earspirals joined forces with Orogem in 2002 and JJ Porcell began designing new and exclusive designs featuring diamonds, pearls, and colored gemstones. For "How to Wear..." check back with us for further details.

When will I get my Orogem Jose Jay order if I place it today?
If in stock, we usually ship within 1 day upon receiving your order. If we happen to be out-of-stock or have an inventory issue, we'll let you know the expected ship date. Keep in mind, we won't process payment for your order until we're ready to ship so no need to worry!

I lost a half pair of my earrings, what do I do?
Being the majority of our earring designs have a left and right side, we strongly recommend that should you need a repair or half pair match, it is best you send us the design so we can make sure your pair of earrings will match like new. If you are sending us a half pair match request, once we receive the design we will call you with the cost to match the earring and get your authorization to make your pair whole again. If sending us a design for repair under our Limited Lifetime Warranty Service, simply send us a check for $8.00 (to cover return shipping and handling) and we'll take care of restoring your design to "Like New" condition. Please send your repair or half pair match properly insured and with proof of delivery to:

Orogem Corporation
Att: Half Pair/Repair Dept
PO Box 6070
Burbank, CA 91510-6070

Please allow us 2-4 weeks for processing and if you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to call us at 1-800-627-0277. During the holiday season, please allow up to 4 weeks for processing. We also stress the importance of properly insuring your shipment and requesting proof of delivery. We would be upset if your design got lost in transit and can't be held responsible for a return we never receive.

Can Orogem make special orders or customize a design?
We always want to try our best to meet your special requests especially when it comes to designs with special gemstones or birthstone colors. In addition, as part of our Let's Get Personal program, it's all about personalizing your jewelry making it just for you and your family. Don't hesitate to Contact Us with any requests.

Do you ship Internationally?
Yes we do! Please be advised that you're responsible for any International Customs fees that may be incurred upon receipt.

Do you charge sales tax?
Yes. All shipments within California are charged a rate is 8.75% to the order before shipping & handling fees.

I purchase your earrings from another website, can I return it to you for a refund?
No. Please contact the company you purchased your jewelry from to inquire about the return. We cannot offer you a refund if the item was not purchased directly from us.

My Ear Pin® Earrings keep falling down, what am I doing wrong?
To create more pressure against your ear lobe, start by squeezing the base of the earring (where the wire starts from the design), and continue to squeeze up the wire to ensure the earring will not slip off. If for some reason they continue to slip off your ear throughout the day, please contact us and we will send you some rubber backings to assist the earring to stay upright on your earlobe.

My payment has failed, what does this mean?
If you're making a purchase of $500.00 USD or more, you may be required to contact your Bank/Credit Card company to notify them of the transaction. Sometimes your payment may fail due to your Bank/Credit Card company protecting you from fraud.

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