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Keys have always been known to unlock things and not just hardware or locks, but ponder how they can also be symbols unlocking the possibilities of thought, love, and power.

● For a little girl who kept a diary, the little key locked away her secrets and meant the world to her securing her personal thoughts and dreams.

● And the woman, a story of how she collected her keys… representing status as the more keys she has, the more rooms in her home.

● Let’s not forget, the day you were handed the key to your very first home and how that key to your success became the realization of a dream.

● How about your first car and the key that would grant you independence while whizzing along on those sunset filled breezy summer nights racing to meet your friends?

● Such significance when it comes to keys and in their stylized designs, the simplest of all, the one that expresses love… a Heart, unlocking love’s true potential from within and with another.

Other designs included in this collection acknowledge Florence, Italy, birth of the Renaissance, and you’ll find the Fleur-de-Lis pattern throughout the city and even on the manhole covers. Take a train to Venice, and in all its romanticism, you’ll find the Doge’s Palace in Piazza San Marco. Check out Key Design 5869 & 5866. Look familiar? With these historic symbols & patterns, Orogem has incorporated them into this collection of Sterling Silver Keys each enhanced with Cubic Zirconia stones including an 18 inch Cable Chain necklace which can easily adjust to 16 inches.