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Love Knots

The Love Knot is a design that has truly withstood the test of time. For centuries, sailors have known the strength of it in holding fast the rigging of great sailing ships. They called it the 'Lark's Head' knot. Here at Orogem we have given it a more feminine look as it gracefully holds a precious stone, along with a more meaningful name, the 'Love Knot'. The simplicity and security will soon make it a favorite to wear any time or place, and perhaps will bring to mind that special person, and a love as individual as you are.

In fact, the Love Knot is so unique that it holds a United States Patent and Copyright for its originality. Although it has inspired the largest of international companies to the smallest mom and pop stores, the Love Knot was first developed for use as jewelry, then patented, and marketed worldwide by Orogem over a decade ago. We are proud to offer you this iconic setting style in white gold, yellow gold, or brilliant sterling silver. Each stone is mounted with care, and there is a colorful array of sizes and cuts available to you, including pearls and birthstones.

Whether shaped into a pendant or designed as a pair of earrings, the distinctive Love Knot will become one of your most admired possessions.