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Earclimbers are UP THE EAR Ear Pin Earrings created by Jose Jay in 1986. The Original Ear Pin earring can be worn in either your pierced ear... or your non-pierced earring. A very simple easy-to-wear design that is perfectly comfortable and lightweight on the ear. It won't pull down on your ear and will gently rise along your earlobe unlike any other earrings around. Have a 2nd Pierced Hole? You can wear a shorter design in your 2nd pierced ear while wearing your favorite hoop or diamond stud in your first pierced hole. Many OPTIONS with The Ear Pin and once you try them on... you won't believe how fun and good looking they are. Check out the video for a 2 minute review by Jose Jay on how Ear Pin earrings work and the best way to wear them. Jose Jay has been actively breathing life into his designs since 1986 and is confident you can find the right design just for your ears! Now his Ear Pin earring design is being emulated world wide as Earclimbers or Earcrawlers representing the concept of Earrings that go Up the Ear..


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