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Front to Back Earrings

The CIORO® COLLECTION by designer Jose Jay is an innovative design concept created back in 1996 and now, with imitation designs reaching the mass market more commonly called "front and back" earrings. Curving forward from behind the ear, they present precious stones, pearls, and charms with drama and brilliance creating the illusion of floating below the ear. In fact they are so special and unique Jose Jay was awarded two US patents on the design.

●Unique ‘C’ shaped profile curves forward from behind the ear.

●Floats from behind the ear creating an illusion of suspended stones and design. A truly mysterious look that is eye catching and creates a sense of wonder.

●Stones face forward for extra brilliance and style.

●‘C’ shaped demi-hoop is articulated with movement and dangles freely with your body movement so the stones always look their best.

●Can dress up any stud earring already owned - just slide the Cioro® earring back on to the earring post to create a dramatic custom look.

●Design is so unique there are two US Patents Issued on the design.

●No more lost earring backs with Cioro®. The earring back is incorporated into the drop portion of the design making it easy to find and difficult to lose.

Today’s woman is proud of her achievements and confident about who she is. She is looking for jewelry that reflects her personality. The Cioro® Collection is the perfect design for her. It is modern, sophisticated, and guaranteed to be noticed floating below the ear.

United States Patent Design No. 418079 and Patent No. 420304.